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Idle Fantasy Ep 5: The Last Wish, Part 5

Glitch meets his boss, Teddy is enraged by a tree, and Wattick remembers the Great Seal Clubbing.

February 8, 2019
Idle Fantasy Ep 4: The Last Wish, Part 4

Glitch does some housework, Teddy discovers his humble origins, and Wattick breaks bad.

January 25, 2019
Idle Fantasy Ep 3: The Last Wish, Part 3

Cassius makes a creepy new friend, Taryn has to have a sit down, and Zraka has a fumble with two gnomes in the dark.

January 11, 2019
Idle Fantasy Ep 2: The Last Wish, Part 2

This week, Cassius gets no answer on the Godphone, Taryn keeps a low profile, and Zraka discovers that he's a local celebrity.

December 28, 2018
Idle Fantasy Ep 1: The Last Wish, Part 1

Cassius remembers Bloody John Christ, Taryn gift wraps some skellingtons and Zraka gets quite angry.

December 21, 2018


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