Idle Fantasy Ep 33: Monastery Marauders, Part 7

A storm gathers atop the Helmfall Monastery – and our heroes are caught between a rocky island and a hard place as they start to reveal the rotten core of the brotherhood of Banwyvvern. Bloody John is actually a member of whatever sex cult Glitch was into, and any plans for a big party to celebrate the return of Cassius the Chosen look like they’ll get cancelled. It’s up to Glitch to sneak his way under the stone hallways to find out what might be going on, while Teddy and Wattick decide what to do with a body…

This episode, Glitch remembers beans, Teddy has trouble aiming, and Wattick lets his conscience be his guide.

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Idle Fantasy Ep 33: Monastery Marauders, Part 7
Idle Fantasy

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